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Introduction of the Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center Mt. Songshan, Henan Province

The Shaolin Wushu is regarded as a shining pearl in the martial arts world and a precious cultural heritage of China. It is characterized by energetic and plain forms, multiple routines, and endless variations. For thousands of years, the Shaolin Wushu has attracted numerous kungfu fans with its unique charm and been developed into a worldwide popular fitness exercise.
In order to promote Chinese traditional culture and the charming Shaolin Wushu globally, the Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center was established through an investment from Chinese government in 1986, at the place 700m east of the 1500-year-old Shaolin Temple. It works as a base for recruiting kungfu students home and abroad and training kungfu professionals, with its comprehensive venues and convenient facilities .
The center covers an area of fifty thousand square meters while building area of twenty thousand square meters. It consists mainly of a performance hall, a training hall, a meditation hall, a wushu cultivation hall, an exhibition museum, a six-ancestors altar, and a Zen hotel. The secondary institutions include the International Performance Department, the International Training Department, the Domestic Training Department and the Shaolin Wushu Travel Service, etc. The business scope of this center includes: Mining and enriching the study of Shaolin Wushu, receiving foreign governmental and civil delegations, training students home and abroad, giving kungfu shows and other related cultural exchanging activities.
The center is China’s window officially opened to the world as well as an exchange base for Shaolin Wushu. It is bursting with Wushu talents. All trainers are registered disciples from the Shaolin Temple and are skillful in Shaolin Wushu. The performance group of this center include more than 100 skilled kungfu talents, undertaking the task of giving kungfu performance around the globe. It was China’s first group to have performed in the Royal Theater of England, the Vienna Golden Hall of Austria, and on Broadway in New York.
The center has achieved fruitful results since its foundation. As early as in 1988, the center firstly launched the International Shaolin Wushu Tournament, then the Shaolin Wushu Arena Contest for three years and the International Shaolin Wushu Festival for six years. SOUL OF SHAOLIN, a theatrical kungfu drama produced in this center in 2007, frequently appeared on the global stages. The drama was listed as one of the China’s Key Cultural Export Projects and honored with nominations for the Drama Desk Awards and the Top Prize in Theater, the Tony Awards of the USA.
 The center has made brilliant achievements with its pioneer spirit, in the area of promoting Shaolin culture and training wushu talents. In the new historical era, this center will continually forge ahead in pursuit of the further development of Shaolin Wushu.