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Training Options

Kungfu Training

Students age between 12-60, with or without martial arts experience are all welcomed. While we encourage the teachings of Kung Fu to strengthen and revitalize one's body, we also encourage the calming and contemplating of one's mind by seeking stillness within movement.


What we teach

Barehanded - Shaolin Shadow Boxing, Short Combat, Baduanjin, Yijinjing, The Child's Exercises, The Elderly's Child's Exercise, Imitative Boxing (scorpion, tiger, hawk, mantis,snake, etc), Xingyi (Heart-and-Mind), the Lesser and Greater Hong Boxing, Pao (Cannon) Boxing, Drunken Boxing, Luohan Boxing, Tongbi Boxing, Qigong, TaiChi, San Da, etc.

Weapons - Cudgel, Broadsword, Spear, Hammer, Shovel, Double Broadswords, Long Broadsword, Ghost-Head Broadsword, Wolf-Teeth Club, Three-section Staff, Nine-section Whip, etc.


Training Time

The time is adjustable according to the physical conditions of different students. On average, it lasts four hours for one day.

Morning: 9:00-11:00