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Shaolin Legend:Thirteen Cudgel Monks

Shaolin Legend·Thirteen Cudgel Monks is a Kungfu drama recomposed from a real historical story. At the alternative period of Sui and Tang Dynasties, thirteen Shaolin martial monks made great contributions by helping Prince Qin ( Li Shimin) to defeat the betrayers, thus laid solid foundation for the domination of Tang Dynasty. Afterwards, Shaolin Temple was crowned with royal temple and hence won great fame in China. Designed and produced by the Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center, the careful design of fighting movements and natural forms unfold us the real beauty of Shaolin Kungfu. On the same year of its rehearsal in 2006,  it was invited to perform in Athens-the hometown of Olympic, and gave tour shows in eight cities such as Athens, Perrero, and so on.